Municipal Court

San Felipe Municipal Court

Application for Defensive Driving
(Read Entire Handout before Contacting the Court)


                                                HANDOUT - BACK

Reminder All payments and documents must be received/postmarked
                                                                on or before the specified court date.   The court does not accept cash or checks. 

                                                                  Credit card payments coming soon.


                                                 Mailing address for the court:  P.O. Box 68 San Felipe, Texas  77473. 

                         Please include the citation number on all municipal court documents.



Court Dates


                 Arraignments/Pre-Trials are held the 3rd Tuesday of each Month
9:00 AM/10:00 A.M., with the exception of November



For more information Call 979-885-7035  during business hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.