Municipal Court

San Felipe Municipal Court

Application for Defensive Driving
(Read Entire Handout before Contacting the Court)


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Reminder All payments and documents must be received/postmarked
                                                                on or before the specified court date.   The court does not accept cash or checks. 

Credit card payments coming soon.  You may request an alternative method of payment if needed.  Contact the court in order to perform community service to discharge the full amount of costs, fees, and fine remaining.


                                                 Mailing address for the court:  P.O. Box 68 San Felipe, Texas  77473. 

                         Please include the citation number on all municipal court documents.



Court Dates


                 Arraignments/Pre-Trials are held the 3rd Tuesday of each Month
9:00 AM/10:00 A.M., with the exception of November



For more information Call 979-885-7035  during business hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.