Permits, Forms & Election Information        Town Ordinance Index/Fiscal Year Audit Reports


Annual Budget Information



Town Officials

- Bobby Byars                                       Term 2017-2019

-Jeff Zeigler                                          Term 2017-2019

- Derrick Dabney                                 Term 2017-2019

- Alfred Hall                                         Term 2018-2020

- Cynthia "Dusty" Kelly                     Term 2018-2020

- Kent McAllister                                Term 2018-2020

- Sue Foley



Police Department

-D. Randle

E. Turner



Fire Department

- Johnny Hall



Public Works & Animal Control

- James Gonzales  and Max Zapalac


- Douglas Worthy - Animal Control for San Felipe



Municipal Court

-Honorable Robert Bradshaw


-Honorable Bernice Burger


-Tangerlia Taylor- Felton


- Sue Foley  - 



Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Lunch Hours:   12 p.m. to 1 p.m. or a time of return will be posted for the public.

During office closing a notice will be posted informing the public of the next business day of service.

Bags will not be available for purchase during office closing.

Thank you from the Town of San Felipe.



Household garbage collection every Wednesday starting at 8 a.m.  Town bags can be purchased at the Town Hall during office hours.  Costs of bags $15.00 per roll with 50 bags on a roll.

The Town of San Felipe sponsors a clean-up day for San Felipe residents only at least twice a year.  Please check the Town events tab for more information or call the Town Office at 979-885-7035.


Telephone Numbers

Town Hall (non emergency) - 979-885-4100,    979-885-7035

Police Contact - 979-885-2888 (office)  or 979-398-0689 (Cell)


             - 911(Emergency Only)



- 911 (Emergency only)   or  979-865-3111 (non emergency)





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